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Installing your Mag 250

Installing Your Mag 250

Your Mag will have arrived pre-programmed and ready to connect and use. Within the box are all the items needed to connect your digibox.

  • Mag 250/ 254
  • Audio Lead (with red, yellow white plug) & HDMI Cable
  • Mains adaptor
  • Remote & batteries
  • User guide
  • Network cable or WiFi adapter

Connect the mains lead, audio leads (or you can use a HDMI lead if you have one) & the network cable to the box : An Optical lead can be connected to a surround sound system to deliver enhanced audio quality if required (lead not supplied but available in our shop). If you're using a WiFi adaptor instead of network lead please see the WiFi installation guide. Once all leads are connected to the Mag connect the other end of the network cable to your internet router. If you're using network adaptors please see our set up guide for their installation.

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